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An escaped mountain goat that somehow got stuck under a Kansas City bridge has survived a rocky rescue effort and now may be reunited with the owners who suspect he was stolen from their farm two
Derrick Hamilton has been hailed a hero after he performed the Heimlich maneuver on a student in distress while on cafeteria monitoring duty A high school coach and custodian has drawn praise for
New 'Long COVID' Study , Could Lead to Future , Treatment Options. BBC reports that people experiencing "long COVID" have evidence of inflammation in their blood, which could lead to further
If only we could read Ru's mind. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the “Drag Race” moments that had us questioning what was going on inside RuPaul’s mind.
Iowa's News Now is looking to the skies this Monday to show you the eclipse in real time above the City of Five Seasons.Watch the eclipse here:To watch the path across the U.S. click here.
Macaroni and cheese, yin and yang, Donny and Marie, cakes and kids — they all go so well together. You might assume that every child gets a birthday cake on their special day. But sometimes, that’s
For those that appreciate good design
A “frightened” senior dog in Texas is getting a ton of attention thanks to a viral shelter post on social media, pleading to find a home for the soulful looking pup. Meet Tank Valero, a German
For some, pizza is simply food. For others, it's a way of life. But everyone can agree that it's delicious. And while the cheesy, saucy concoction might hail from Italy, Americans have made it
You will have to wait quite some time before the next solar eclipse hits the contiguous United States. A partial solar eclipse passed through the Kansas City area on Monday, with the sun being 89%
A lively and lovable pup at the Humane Society of Forsyth County (HSFC) in Georgia is looking for a forever home after being returned to the shelter. "King was born into our program, adopted as a
Overall well-being is influenced by your financial standing, relationships, work, sense of purpose, and safety, but where you live and your community’s health care system also play a vital role.
WSBT VS Clerk Howard thought he was attending a ceremony to dedicate the 100th home he's built in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. But it was really a celebration of Clark for his nearly 30
Sheep Farmer Marian Porter didn’t think twice before scrambling into this flooded storm pipe to save two lambs in her flock.  After a stretch of wet weather, the pair had
A rescue dog has broken hearts on social media after appearing distressed when her family started preparing to move to a new house. Izzy was adopted by Morgan Vacala, who lives in Illinois, when she
Nearly seven years after the last total solar eclipse wowed Nashville residents, the 2024 total eclipse is finally here and while Music City is not in the path of totality again, it will still be a
TEXARKANA, Texas (KTAL/KMSS)—All Walmart stores and Sam’s Clubs are campaigning to fight hunger in northeast Texas and southwest Arkansas. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA),
A team from UNIGE, together with ETH Zurich and NCHU in Taiwan, has developed a rice line that has enhanced vitamin B1 content. Vitamin B1 is an essential micronutrient for human
While a Florida beach town took the top spot, Gulf Shores earned a top 5 ranking on USA Today’s annual listing of the 10Best Coastal Small Towns. Nominees for the list are submitted by a panel of

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